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Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with establishing sound eating habits, and we are here to help you achieve that. Our food truck in Commons Way, Greenville, South Carolina, delivers and offers mobile meals to children and adults. Our menu includes a wide selection of delicious, nutritious foods to suit all tastes. We are way beyond just your ordinary among vulnerable cafe — we exist to make a difference in the community by helping address food insecurity populations. If you want to immerse yourself in good food and great works to others, Luckei D s Cafe is the right place for you.

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Our Menu

We bring you a wide selection of good food and great drinks to suit your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

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Mini Fruit Shakes

Our icy purees are loaded with good stuff and more.


Chicken Nuggets

Try our tender, juicy nuggets that you’d surely love.


Mini Pizzas

Savor our pizzas that are loaded with healthy ingredients.

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Ice Cream

Enjoy healthy ice cream choices you can only find in our cafe.

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Weekly Specials

Stay tuned on the awesome deals we have on our menu. Click here to check out this week’s specials.

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You're Important To Us!

Mission Statement

Luckei D's Cafe will provide delicious and nutritious mobile meals to all families and communities. Luckei D's Cafe’s specific target is the large population who may suffer from food insecurity, especially the low to no income families, college students, seniors, homeless, and veterans.

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